Marc A Gramatges, PsyD, ABPP, CBIS

Dr. Gramatges is a board certified Rehabilitation Psychologist with a focus in neuropsychology and forensics. He graduated with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Immaculata University in 2012. His dissertation was "Dream Content and Post Traumatic Symptoms in Military Veterans." He completed a fellowship in neuropsychology at Bancroft in New Jersey, focusing on acquired brain injury. His clinical experience began as a Mental Health Technician in the United States Air Force. While in the military he specialized as a neuropsychological evaluator but he also conducted forensic evaluations and trained in various areas such as crisis prevention, addictions, and suicide prevention. Honorably discharged as a Staff Sergeant, Dr. Gramatges continued to work in the mental health field, becoming a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Afterwards, he worked as an EAP Consultant for the military, an evaluator for Montgomery County Probation, and psychotherapist for Montgomery County Drug Court. He has completed clinical training at Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems, Rutgers-Camden Student Health Center, St. Christopher’s Children’s Hospital, and Bancroft becoming a Certified Brain Injury Specialist.

Dr. Gramatges is an active member of the American Psychological Association's Division 22, Rehabilitation Psychology, focusing on the study of the application of psychosocial principles in working with persons with physical, cognitive, developmental or emotional disabilities. Currently, he has his own group practice in Media, PA, where he continues to conduct a variety of private psychological evaluations (e.g., neuropsychological, forensic, intellectual, personality, etc.). He works with Delaware County Diagnostic Services in completing evaluations within the county correctional system. He conducts reviews for the Delaware County Office of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. He teaches as an Adjunct Professor for undergraduate students at Immaculata University. He also serves in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard as a Behavioral Health Officer to further support the Commonwealth and the United States of America.