Patient Portal

What is the Patient Portal?

The patient portal grants access to intake paperwork, consents, assessments, appointments, and payment options.

How do I get access?

When your account is created by our administrative staff, a link will be emailed to you. If the link expired or you did not get it (be sure to check your Spam folder), our staff or your therapist can send you a new one.

Normally I just pay at the front desk, but I’m doing telehealth now. How do still make my copayments?

You can now pay online once you register with the patient portal. Once in the portal, you will see past bills that processed with your insurance and amounts owed.

How much is my copayment?

Typically it is your specialty balance though factors such as coinsurance and deductibles can impact this amount. If you are unsure, please contact our front desk staff at 484-445-4147.

I need to make a copayment but I’m not seeing today’s session. What happened?

Unfortunately, InSync only lists payments due for a session after they are processed by your insurance. We recommend you still make your copayment at the time of your session to avoid a large back balance.

I did not make my copayments and I have a large outstanding bill. How should I pay this?

You can pay all of it online at one time or arrange with our front desk staff to make a payment plan.

But I miss paying at the front desk to say hi to the staff there…

They miss you too! COVID makes staying in touch difficult, but hopefully we can start getting people back into the office soon 😊