Gina Bell, MSW, LCSW

Gina graduated from Temple University in 2010. As a therapist, she feels it is her role to be a supportive, an empathetic and compassionate listener, a guide, and a partner in the journey to recovery. Whether the struggle is with relationship issues, addiction, mental illness, or grief and loss; therapy is an opportunity to achieve goals and to overcome obstacles in life. Her expertise lies in cognitive behavioral therapy and has found much success with an eclectic approach to fit the individual's needs. She has spent the last 9 years partnering with clients to manage addiction and mental illness, trauma, life changes, or personality disorders. She began her work in the field as a volunteer and found her experiences to generate a desire to be a partner in the healing process rather than an observer. She is passionate about her work and comfortable working with men, women, and non-binary persons; ages 13 and older. She is here to help and will work with clientele to provide the best treatment possible.