Kevin Hoffman, PsyD

Dr. Hoffman received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Susquehanna University in 2004, his Master's at Geneva College in 2006, and completed his doctoral studies in Clinical Psychology at Widener University in 2014, obtaining his PsyD. His therapeutic approach is both holistic and eclectic, incorporating empirically supported cognitive-behavioral modalities tailored to the needs of each client. Dr. Hoffman specializes in working with those drawn to personal development and self-improvement who are prepared and willing to make necessary changes to improve their quality of life. He works with both motivated adults and adolescents seeking to achieve new levels of personal wellness. Dr. Hoffman has worked within inpatient and outpatient mental health centers, rehabilitative environments, schools, foster care settings, and colleges and universities with clients ranging from early childhood to late adulthood. He has also worked within the correctional system and has seen first-hand many of the emotional challenges staff working in this environment face. Because of this experience, he is also adept at helping prison workers cope with the unique stressors they endure.